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System board connectors

See this section to identify the connectors on the system board.

Figure 1. System board connectors

Table 1. System board connectors
1 Serial connector15 Fan connectors
2 VGA connector16 Processor and memory expansion tray power connector
3 Two USB 3.117 Power backplane sideband connector
4 XClarity Controllernetwork connector18 Front VGA connector
5 NMI button19 Power backplane power connector
6 TCM/TPM module20 PCIe signal connector 1
7 PCIe riser connector (PCIe slot 5 to 7)21 M.2 backplane power connector
8 PCIe slot 8 (OCP connector)22 On-board SATA connector
9 USB front panel module connector23 PCIe slot 13 (x16)
10 PCIe signal connector 224 PCIe slot 14 (x8)
11 UPI connectors25 PCIe slot 15 (x8)
12 Processor and memory expansion tray power connector26 Intrusion switch connector
13 LCD diagnostics panel connector27 7mm drive/M.2 signal connector
14 Drive backplane power connectors28 7mm drive power connector