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Processor problems

Use this information to solve problems related to the processor.

The server goes directly to the POST event viewer when it is turned on.

  1. Check the light path diagnostics LEDs and the XCC event log, and resolve any errors that have occurred.

  2. Make sure that the server supports all the processors and that the processors match in speed and cache size. You can view processor details from system setup. To determine if the processor is supported for the server, see Lenovo ServerProven website

  3. (Trained technician only) Make sure that processor 1 is seated correctly

  4. (Trained technician only) Reduce the system to the minimum two processor configuration, remove processor 2, and restart the server.

  5. Replace the following components one at a time, in the order shown, restarting the server each time:

    1. (Trained technician only) Processors

    2. (Trained technician only) System boards