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DCPMM installation order

The server also supports Intel Optane DC persistent memory modules (DCPMMs). Use this information to determine the correct installation order, depending on the configuration.

  • Before installing DCPMMs and DRAM DIMMs, refer to DC Persistent Memory Module (DCPMM) setup and make sure to meet all the requirements.

  • To verify if the presently installed processors support DCPMMs, examine the four digits in the processor description. Only the processor with description meeting both of the following requirements support DCPMMs.

    • The first digit is 5 or a larger number.

      The only exception to this rule is Intel Xeon Silver 4215, which also supports DCPMM.
    • The second digit is 2.

    Example: Intel Xeon 5215L and Intel Xeon Platinum 8280M

    If the presently installed processors do not support DCPMMs, replace them with the processors that support DCPMMs.

  • Supported memory capacity range varies with the following types of processors.
    • Large memory tier (L): The processors with L after the four digits (for example: Intel Xeon 5215L)

    • Medium memory tier (M): The processors with M after the four digits (for example: Intel Xeon Platinum 8280M)

    • Other: Other processors that support DCPMMs (for example: Intel Xeon Gold 5222)

In addition, you can take advantage of a memory configurator, which is available at the following site:

Lenovo Enterprise Solutions Configurator