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Parts listing

Identify each of the components that is available for your server with the parts list.

Depending on the model, your server might look slightly different from the illustration.
Figure 1. Server components
Graphic showing all parts associated with the server
The parts listed in the following table are identified as one of the following:
  • T1: Tier 1 customer replaceable unit (CRU). Replacement of Tier 1 CRUs is your responsibility. If Lenovo installs a Tier 1 CRU at your request with no service agreement, you will be charged for the installation.

  • T2: Tier 2 customer replaceable unit (CRU). You may install a Tier 2 CRU yourself or request Lenovo to install it, at no additional charge, under the type of warranty service that is designated for your server.

  • F: Field replaceable unit (FRU). FRUs must be installed only by trained service technicians.

  • C: Consumable and Structural parts. Purchase and replacement of consumable and structural parts (components, such as a filler or bezel) is your responsibility. If Lenovo acquires or installs a structural component at your request, you will be charged for the service.

Table 1. Parts listing

For more information about ordering the parts shown in Figure 1:

Parts list

It is highly recommended that you check the power summary data for your server using Lenovo Capacity Planner before purchasing any new parts.

1Power distribution boardF
2Power distribution board coverT1
3Expansion drive cageT1
4Optical drive cage and 5.25-inch drive bay adapterT1
5Front I/O moduleT1
6EIA bracketsT1
7Tape/Optical drive filler cover and tape/optical drive fillerC
85.25-inch optical disk driveT1
95.25-inch LTO/RDX tape driveT1
102.5-inch driveT1
113.5-inch drive tray with 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch drive adapterT1
123.5-inch hot-swap driveT1
133.5-inch storage drive filler (single bay)C
143.5-inch storage drive filler (four bays)C
152.5-inch hot-swap driveT1
162.5-inch storage drive filler (single bay)C
172.5-inch storage drive filler (eight bays)C
18Bracket kit (drive retainer and PCIe bracket)T1
19Security doorT1
20Front bezelT1
213.5-inch hot-swap drive backplaneT1
222.5-inch hot-swap drive backplaneT1
23Foot standC
24M.2 boot adapterT1
25Firmware and RoT security moduleF
26M.2 retainer clipT1
28System boardF
29M.2 driveT1
30Internal CFF RAID adapterT1
31CMOS battery (CR2032)C
32Memory moduleT1
33PHM module (processor, heat sink, and carrier)F
34Suction cup (for NVlink bridge)C
35Flash power moduleT1
36Server coverT1
37Air baffleT1
38T4 fillerT1
39Full-length GPU fillerT1
40NVLink bridgeT1
41Full-length GPU adapterT1
42PCIe adapterT1
43Fan moduleT1
44Fan fillerC
45Intrusion switchT1
46External Diagnostics HandsetT1
47A2/L4 GPU air ductsT1
48Full-length PCIe adapter holderT1
49Fan cageT1
50Power supply unitT1
51PSU fillerC
52Screw kitT1
54MicroSD cardT1