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Documents download

This section provides introduction and download link for handy documents.

  • Rail Installation Guide


    The ThinkSystem ST650 V3 server is designed to support both tower and rack form factors. A tower-to-rack conversion kit is required to be installed onto the server in order to change the server into rack form and so to install it onto the rails on the rack. For steps of installing and removing this tower-to-rack conversion kit to and from the server, as well as steps of installing and removing the server onto and from the rails, see Server replacement.

  • User Guide

    • Complete overview, system configuration, hardware components replacing, and troubleshooting.

      Selected chapters from User Guide:

      • System Configuration Guide : Server overview, components identification, system LEDs and diagnostics display, product unboxing, setting up and configuring the server.

      • Hardware Maintenance Guide : Installing hardware components, cable routing, and troubleshooting.