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Opening a support case

This topic describes how to engage ThinkAgile Advantage Support for persistent or critical issues.

Your ThinkAgile SXN is entitled at the rack level, and is identified by the serial number associated with Machine Type 9565. You can find the serial number on the rack label.

Before contacting ThinkAgile Advantage Support

Gather the following information to provide to the technical support agent. This data will help the agent quickly provide a product to your problem and ensure that you receive the level of service for which you might have contracted.

  • Machine Type and Model

    See the following table.
    ProductMachine TypeModel
    ThinkAgile SXN3000 — 25U rack9565RCG
    ThinkAgile SXN3000 — 42U rack9565RCF
  • Rack serial number associated with Machine Type 9565 (not the component or software serial number). This is found on the rack label.

  • Current system UEFI and firmware levels.

  • Other pertinent information, such as error messages and logs.

    See Collecting data for details about gathering information that can help resolve your support issue more quickly.

  • A definition of the problem: Being able to articulate the problem and symptoms before contacting ThinkAgile Advantage Support helps to ensure proper prioritization and expedite the resolution process. Helpful information includes the following:
    • Has the problem happened before?

    • What steps led up to the failure?

    • Can the problem be recreated?

    • What is the business impact of the problem being experienced?

    • Are on-site personnel available to work with Lenovo support technicians?

In some cases, the support agent will need the Machine Type and serial number of a specific hardware component. That information is typically on a sticker on the component. For assistance in locating the sticker, see the following Web site:

Contacting ThinkAgile Advantage Support

To engage ThinkAgile Advantage Support, do the following:

  1. Go to the Lenovo Data Center Support page, at the following Web site:

  2. Enter the rack serial number associated with Machine Type 9565.

    The serial number will be authenticated as associated with a ThinkAgile SXN solution.

You will be presented with the available options for engaging ThinkAgile Advantage Support, including the applicable phone number for your country.
Be sure to record the case number that you are given. It will be necessary for uploading data and tracking your case.