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Replacing parts

Use this topic to replace a hardware part.

Before you begin

  • For the following parts, place the host in Maintenance Mode.

    Placing the host in Maintenance Mode

    • Memory

    • CPU

    • GPU

    • Mother board

    • HBA

    • Network

  • For cache disks or capacity disks:

    1. Identify the failed drive to be replaced by referring to Identify a failed data drive.

    2. Place the host in Maintenance Mode.

      Placing the host in Maintenance Mode

    3. Prepare for replacing the failed drive by referring to either of the following:
    4. Make sure you save the data on your drive, especially if it is part of a RAID array, before you remove it from the server.

      • Before you make changes to disk drives, disk drive controllers, disk drive backplanes, or disk drive cables, back up all important data that is stored on hard disks.

      • Before you remove any component of a RAID array, back up all RAID configuration information.

    5. If one or more NVMe solid-state drives are to be removed, make sure that the drive is shut down via the operating system (see the documentation for your operating system for information and instructions). The drive activity (green) LED is on solid for an NVMe drive that is shut down. See the labels above the drive bays to determine the type of the drive to remove. If the drive bay numbers come with the term “NVMe”, it indicates the installed drives are NVMe solid-state drives.

After you finish

  1. Complete the hardware replacement: