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806f030c-2001ffff : Scrub Failure for [PhysicalMemoryElementName] on Subsystem [MemoryElementName]. (DIMM 1)

Scrub Failure for [PhysicalMemoryElementName] on Subsystem [MemoryElementName]. (DIMM 1)

This message is for the use case when an implementation has detected a Memory Scrub failure.

May also be shown as 806f030c2001ffff or 0x806f030c2001ffff



Alert Category

Critical - Memory



CIM Information


and ID:0136



Automatically Notify Support


User Response

Note: Each time you install or remove a DIMM, you must disconnect the server from the power source; then, wait 10 seconds before restarting the server.

  1. Check the IBM support website for an applicable retain tip or firmware update that applies to this memory error.
  2. Manually re-enable all affected DIMMs.
  3. Swap the affected DIMMs (as indicated by the error LEDs on the system board or the event logs) to a different memory channel or microprocessor.
  4. If the problem follows the DIMM, replace the failing DIMM.
  5. (Trained technician only) If the problem occurs on the same DIMM connector, check the DIMM connector. If the connector contains any foreign material or is damaged, replace the system board.
  6. (Trained technician only) Remove the affected microprocessor and check the microprocessor socket pins for any damaged pins. If a damage is found, replace the system board.
  7. (Trained technician only) Replace the affected microprocessor.