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Updating the server configuration

Use this information to update the server configuration.

When you start the server for the first time after you add or remove a device, you might receive a message that the configuration has changed. The Setup utility starts automatically so that you can save the new configuration settings.

Some optional devices have device drivers that you must install. For information about installing device drivers, see the documentation that comes with each device.

If the server has an optional RAID adapter and you have installed or removed a hard disk drive, see the documentation that comes with the RAID adapter for information about reconfiguring the disk arrays.

The server comes with at least one microprocessor. If more that one microprocessor is installed, the server can operate as a symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) server. You might have to upgrade the operating system to support SMP. For more information, see Typical operating-system installation and the operating-system documentation.

For information about configuring the integrated Gigabit Ethernet controller, see Configuring the Gigabit Ethernet controller.