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Removing a remotely installed RAID adapter battery

Use this information to remove a remotely installed RAID adapter battery.

If a RAID adapter battery is installed remotely on the microprocessor 2 air baffle and you need to replace it, complete the following steps:

  1. Read the safety information that begins on Safety and Installation guidelines.
  2. Turn off the server and peripheral devices and disconnect the power cords.
  3. Remove the cover (see Removing the cover).
  4. From the top of the microprocessor 2 air baffle, remove the battery retention clip that holds the battery in place. Press the release tab toward the front of the server and remove the battery retention clip.
    Figure 1. Battery removal
    Battery removal
  5. Disconnect the remote battery cable from the remote battery cable connector on the battery carrier and lift the battery and battery carrier from the slot. See the following illustration for the location of the connectors on the battery carrier.
    Figure 2. Battery removal
    Battery removal
  6. Disconnect the battery cable from the battery cable connector on the battery carrier.
  7. Remove the three screws that attach the battery carrier to the battery and remove the battery from the battery carrier.
    If your battery and battery carrier are attached with a clip, squeeze the clip on the side of the battery carrier to remove the battery from the battery carrier.
    Figure 3. Battery removal
    Battery removal

If you are instructed to return the RAID adapter battery, follow all packaging instructions, and use any packaging materials for shipping that are supplied to you.