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hashpw command

Use this command with the -sw option to enable/disable the third-party password function or with the -re option to enable/disable the allowance of retrieving third-party password.

The following table shows the arguments for the options.

Table 1. hashpw command.

The following table is a multi-row three column table consisting of the options, option descriptions, and associated values for the options.



Third-Party Password switch status

enabled, disabled


Third-Party Password read status

Read can be set if the switch is enabled.

enabled, disabled

system> hashpw –sw enabled –re enabled
system> users -5 –n guest5 –shp ef92b778bafe771e89245b89ecbc08a44a4e166c06659911881f383d4473e94f –a super
system> users -5 ghp
system> users
Account Login ID Advanced Attribute Role Password Expires
------- -------- ------------------ ------ ----------------
1 USERID Native Administrator Password doesn't expire
5 guest5 Third-party Password Administrator 90 day(s)