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Neighbor group provisioning

Use the information in this topic to provision neighbor group.

Neighbor group provisioning is a feature that distributes the configuration to multiple group members. It consists of Clone Configuration and Update Firmware from Repository.

Clone Configuration is used to propagate the configuration of the current XCC system to selected members of the same machine type. The configuration being cloned includes:

  1. Server configuration: boot options, power policy, server properties.

  2. BMC configuration: network (except IP address & related settings), security, user/LDAP (including user accounts and passwords), Call Home.

Update Firmware from Repository initiates firmware-update concurrently for selected members by specifying a shared firmware repository over Common Internet File System (CIFS) or Network File System (NFS) protocols. Firmware-update can be applied to multiple machine types at once as long as the applicable firmware images are available in the shared repository.

When the neighbor group’s firmware update is underway, its progress can be monitored in the Status & Details column.