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ifconfig command

Use this command to configure the Ethernet interface.

Type ifconfig eth0 to display the current Ethernet interface configuration. To change the Ethernet interface configuration, type the options, followed by the values. To change the interface configuration, you must have at least Adapter Networking and Security Configuration authority.
In a Flex System, the VLAN settings are managed by a Flex System CMM and cannot be modified on the IMM2.

The following table shows the arguments for the options.

Table 1. ifconfig command.

The following table is a multi-row three column table consisting of the options, option descriptions, and associated values for the options.

-bBurned-in MAC Address (read-only and not configurable) 
-stateInterface statedisabled, enabled
-cConfiguration methoddhcp, static, dthens (dthens corresponds to the try dhcp server, if it fails use static config option on the web interface)
-iStatic IP addressAddress in valid format.
-gGateway addressAddress in valid format.
-sSubnet maskAddress in valid format.
-nHost nameString of up to 63 characters. The string can include letters, digits, periods, underscores, and hyphens.
-rData rate10, 100, auto
-dDuplex modefull, half, auto
-mMTUNumeric between 60 and 1500.
-lLAAMAC address format. Multicast addresses are not allowed (the first byte must be even).
-dnDomain nameDomain name in valid format.
-autoAutonegotiation setting, which determines whether the Data rate and Duplex network settings are configurabletrue, false
-nicNIC access. This option determines which network port will be used by the IMM2.shared, dedicated, shared_option_11
-failover2Failover modenone, shared, shared_option_1
-nssync3Network setting synchronizationenabled, disabled
-address_tableTable of automatically-generated IPv6 addresses and their prefix lengths
The option is visible only if IPv6 and stateless auto-configuration are enabled.
This value is read-only and is not configurable.
-ipv6IPv6 statedisabled, enabled
-llaLink-local address
The link-local address only appears if IPv6 is enabled.
The link-local address is determined by the IMM2. This value is read-only and is not configurable.
-ipv6staticStatic IPv6 statedisabled, enabled
-i6Static IP addressStatic IP address for Ethernet channel 0 in IPv6 format.
-p6Address prefix lengthNumeric value between 1 and 128.
-g6Gateway or default routeIP address for the gateway or default route for Ethernet channel 0 in IPv6.
-dhcp6DHCPv6 stateenabled, disabled
-sa6IPv6 stateless autoconfig stateenabled, disabled
-vlanEnable or disable the VLAN taggingenabled, disabled
-vlanidNetwork packet identification tag for the IMM2Numeric value between 1 and 4094.
  1. The shared_option_1 value is available on servers that have an optional mezzanine network card installed. This mezzanine network card can be used by the IMM2.
  2. If the IMM2 is configured to use the dedicated management network port, the -failover option will direct the IMM2 to switch to the shared network port if the dedicated port is disconnected.
  3. If the failover mode is enabled, the -nssync option directs the IMM2 to use the same network settings that are used on the dedicated management network port for the shared network port.
ifconfig eth0 [<em className="ph i">options</em>]

-state <em className="ph i">interface_state</em>
-c <em className="ph i">config_method</em>
-i <em className="ph i">static_ipv4_ip_address</em>
-g <em className="ph i">ipv4_gateway_address</em>
-s <em className="ph i">subnet_mask</em>
-n <em className="ph i">hostname</em>
-r <em className="ph i">data_rate</em>
-d <em className="ph i">duplex_mode</em>
-m <em className="ph i">max_transmission_unit</em>
-l <em className="ph i">locally_administered_MAC</em>
-b <em className="ph i">burned_in_MAC_address</em>
-dn <em className="ph i">domain_name</em>
-auto <em className="ph i">state</em>
-nic <em className="ph i">state</em>
-failover mode
-nssync <em className="ph i">state</em>
-lla ipv6_link_local_addr
-dhcp6 <em className="ph i">state</em>
-ipv6 <em className="ph i">state</em>
-ipv6static <em className="ph i">state</em>
-sa6 <em className="ph i">state</em>
-i6 <em className="ph i">static_ipv6_ip_address</em>
-g6 <em className="ph i">ipv6_gateway_address</em>
-p6 <em className="ph i">length</em>
-vlan <em className="ph i">state</em>
-vlanid <em className="ph i">VLAN ID</em>
system> ifconfig eth0
-state enabled
-c dthens
-n IMM2A00096B9E003A
-r auto
-d auto
-m 1500
-b 00:09:6B:9E:00:3A
-l 00:00:00:00:00:00
system> ifconfig eth0 -c static -i
These configuration changes will become active after the next reset of the IMM2.