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ntp command

Use this command to display and configure the Network Time Protocol (NTP).

The following table shows the arguments for the options.

Table 1. ntp command.

The following table is a multi-row three column table consisting of the options, option descriptions, and associated values for the options.

-enEnables or disables the Network Time Protocol.enabled, disabled
-i1Name or IP address of the Network Time Protocol server. This is the index number of the Network Time Protocol server.The name of the NTP server to be used for clock synchronization. The range of the index number of the NTP server is from -i1 through -i4.
-fThe frequency (in minutes) that the IMM2 clock is synchronized with the Network Time Protocol server.3 - 1440 minutes
-synchRequests an immediate synchronization with the Network Time Protocol server.No values are used with this parameter.
  1. -i is the same as i1.
ntp [<em className="ph i">options</em>]
-en <em className="ph i">state</em>
-i <em className="ph i">hostname/ip_addr</em>
-f <em className="ph i">frequency</em>
system> ntp
-en: disabled
-f: 3 minutes
-i: not set