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Managing the scalable complex

Use the information in this topic to configure a scalable complex that is used to view and manage the current state of all available servers.

In this section the words nodes and servers are used interchangeably.

Use the Scalable Complex option to view and manage the current state of all available nodes (servers). A scalable complex allows nodes to be subdivided into separate partitions or independent nodes. Assigned nodes are servers that are logically grouped together into a partition. Servers in a partition act as a single system and can share resources with each other. The nodes in a partition can also be separated into stand-alone (independent) nodes. A node in the stand-alone mode performs as an individual system. Select the Scalable Complex option under the Server Management tab to configure the server. The Scalable Complex page consist of the Assigned Nodes and Unassigned Nodes sections. You can click the Refresh button to get the latest status information for the nodes.

The following illustration has no assigned nodes. In this illustration the nodes perform as individual servers. Without any nodes being assigned the only available functionality is to remotely control the server power or create a partition from the Assigned Nodes section. You can control the server power by selecting the Power Actions tab, see Controlling the power status of the server for additional information.

All power to the server must be turned off to add or remove a partition.

scalable complex window