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EIOM card problems

Use this information to resolve issues related the to the EIOM card.

EIOM problems

Complete the following steps until the problem is resolved:
  1. Use the following steps to check whether the problem is related to the EIOM card. Once you find out the problem is related to the EIOM card, replace the EIOM card.

    1. Check XCC event logs to see if any power fault events related to the EIOM card.

    2. Ensure the activity LED or the link LED is lit when the cable is connected.

    3. Swap the compute nodes to test the EIOM card.

    4. Update the firmware to the latest version.

  2. If the error recurs, check FFDC logs for more details.

    To collect FFDC logs, see Collecting event logs for more details.