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Install the tray cover

Use this information to install the tray cover.

About this task



  1. Slide the node out of the enclosure (see Remove a DWC tray from the enclosure).
  2. Position the cover on top of the tray.
  3. Slide the cover toward the front of the tray.
    Before you slide the cover forward, make sure that all the tabs on the front, rear, and side of the cover engage the enclosure correctly. If all the tabs do not engage the enclosure correctly, it will be very difficult to remove the cover later.
  4. Make sure that the cover correctly engages all the insert tabs on the tray.
    Figure 1. Tray cover installation
    Tray cover installation
After you finish
  1. Reinstall the tray into the enclosure (see Install a DWC tray in the enclosure).


    For your safety, use the lift tool to install the tray into the rack.

  2. Connect all required external cables to the enclosure.
    Use extra forces to connect QSFP cables to the enclosure if Mellanox ConnectX-6 adapters are installed.
  3. Check the power LED on each node to make sure it changes from fast blink to slow blink to indicate all nodes are ready to be powered on.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube