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Independent memory mode installation order

In independent memory mode, memory channels can be populated with DIMMs in any order and you can populate all channels for each processor in any order with no matching requirements. Independent memory mode provides the highest level of memory performance, but lacks failover protection. The DIMM installation order for independent memory mode varies based on the number of processors and memory modules installed in the server.

Independent memory mode guidelines:
  • Individual memory channels can run at different DIMM timings, but all channels must run at the same interface frequency.

  • Populate memory channel 0 first.

  • In each memory channel, populate slot 0 first.

  • Memory channel 1 is empty or identically populated as memory channel 0.

  • Memory channel 2 is empty or identically populated as memory channel 1.

  • If a memory channel has two DIMMs, populate the DIMM with a higher number of ranks in slot 0.

  • Mixing DIMMs with different capacity is not allowed. All DIMMs installed must be identical.

Independent mode population sequence

SD650 V3 supports fully populated processors only (two processors per node).

Table 1. Independent mode memory population sequence
Processor 1Processor 2
Memory channel1010010110100101
DIMM slot number12345678910111213141516