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System-board switches

The following illustration shows the location of the switches on the system board.

  • If there is a clear protective sticker on the top of the switch blocks, remove and discard it to access the switches.

Figure 1. System-board switches
System-board switches
Table 1. System-board switches
1 Switch block (SW1)2 Switch block (SW18)
  1. Before changing any switch settings or move any jumpers, turn off the server; then, disconnect all power cords and external cables. Review the following information:

  2. Any system-board switch or jumper block that is not shown in the illustrations in this document are reserved.

The following table describes the switches on the system board.

Table 2. System-board switches
Switches blockSwitch numberSwitch nameUsage description
SW11XCC boot backupThe node will boot by using a backup of the XCC firmware Normal (default)
2CMOS clearClears the real-time clock (RTC) registry Normal (default)
3Password override Overrides the power-on password Normal (default)
4(Reserved)(Reserved)Normal (default)
5XCC COM portEnables XCC to the serial portNormal (default)
6Machine Engine (ME) recovery overrideME boots to recoveryNormal (default)
7(Reserved)(Reserved)Normal (default)
8(Reserved)(Reserved)Normal (default)
SW181ME firmware security overrideEnables ME update modeNormal (default)
2XCC force update Enables XCC force update Normal (default)
3FPGA power permission overrideIgnores Power Permission and allows system to power-onNormal (default)
4Force XCC resetForces XCC to resetNormal (default)
5Force XCC CPU resetForces XClarity Controller and CPU to resetNormal (default)
6(Reserved)(Reserved)Normal (default)
7Force FPGA resetForces FPGA to resetNormal (default)
8(Reserved)(Reserved)Normal (default)