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Front operator panel

The front operation information panel of the server provides controls, connectors, and LEDs. The front operator panel varies by model.

Figure 1. Front operator panel
Front operator panel
Table 1. Front operator panel controls and indicators
1 Power button/LED (green)4 Wireless enabled LOM package reset button
2 Identification button/LED (blue)5 NMI button
3 System-error LED (yellow)6 XClarity Controller mini USB connector
1 Power button/LED (green): Press this button to turn the server on and off manually. The states of the power LED are as follows:
  • Off: Power is not present or the power adapter, or the LED itself has failed.
  • Flashing rapidly (4 times per second): The server is turned off and is not ready to be turned on. The power button is disabled. This will last approximately 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Flashing slowly (once per second): The server is turned off and is ready to be turned on. You can press the power button to turn on the server.
  • On: The server is turned on.
2 Identification button/LED (blue): Use this blue LED to visually locate the server among other servers. This LED is also used as a presence detection button. You can use Lenovo XClarity Administrator to light this LED remotely. The states of the identification LED are as follows:
  • Off: Presence detection off.
  • Flashing rapidly (4 times per second): (on XCC firmware version 3.10 or later) The server is not activated yet and has no power permission. See Activation guide to activate the system.
  • Flashing slowly (once per second): Presence detection on.
  • On: Presence detection on.

3 System-error LED (yellow): When this yellow LED is lit, it indicates that a system error has occurred.

4 Wireless enabled LOM module reset button: The reset pin for the wireless enabled LOM module.

5 NMI button: Press this button to force a nonmaskable interrupt (NMI) to the processor. By this way, you can blue screen the server and take a memory dump. You might have to use a pen or the end of a straightened paper clip to press the button.

6 XClarity Controller mini USB connector: Used to attach a mini USB to manage the system using XClarity Controller.