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Install the drive cage

Use this information to install the drive cage.

About this task



  1. Position the cage in the compute node front panel at an angle and rotate the cage into position on the system board.
  2. Align the cage with the screw holes on the system board.
  3. Using a T10 Torx screwdriver, insert the four screws and secure the cage in the compute node.
    Figure 1. Installing the drive cage
    Installing the drive cage

After you finish

  1. If applicable, reinstall the EDSFF drive cage. See Install the EDSFF drive cage.

  2. Reinstall the front bezel. See Install the front bezel.

  3. Reinstall the drive backplane. See:

  4. If applicable, reinstall the RAID adapter. See Install the RAID adapter.

  5. Reinstall the hot-swap drives or drive bay fillers. See:

  6. Proceed to complete the parts replacement. See Complete the parts replacement.