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Internal cable routing

See this section to do cable routing for specific components.

Some of the components in the server have internal cables and cable connectors. For details, see the following cable routing sections:
Read the following guidelines carefully before you connect any cables:
  • Power off the server before you connect or disconnect any internal cables.

  • See the documentation that comes with any external devices for additional cabling instructions. It might be easier for you to route cables before you connect the devices to the server.

  • Cable identifiers of some cables are printed on the cables that come with the server and optional devices. Use these identifiers to connect the cables to the correct connectors.

  • Ensure that the relevant cables pass through the cable clips.

    Cable holderRoute
    1 3 4Route to BP Pwr connector, RAID Pwr connector, and PCIe connectors (3, 4, 5, 6)
    2Route to intrusion switch cable
    5 6Route to FIO connector, LCD external connector, M.2 Pwr connector, VGA connector, Front USB connector, PCIe connectors (1, 2, 7, 8), 7mm/M.2 connector, SATA connectors (0, 1, 2), and RAID/HBA connectors
Disengage all latches, release tabs, or locks on cable connectors when you disconnect cables from the system board. Failing to release them before removing the cables will damage the cable sockets on the system board, which are fragile. Any damage to the cable sockets might require replacing the system board.
Press the release tab and disengage the connector from the cable socket. Do not pull the cable using force.

Squeeze the release tabs at both sides and disengage the connector from the cable socket, or use the pull loop handle to disconnect the cable. Do not pull the cable straight up using force. Do not pull the connector straight up using force.