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For the following event IDs:
  • B136F0807

  • B136F1004

  • B136F1008

  • B136F2005

  • B136F200A

  • B136F100B

If the event log is triggered by the sensor NVMEs_AER_00-15 or NVMEs_AER_16-31, the user can get the BayID from the OEM data that was carried on log. BayID is represented by bit 4~7 in OEM data1.

Bit 4~7: These four bits indicate 16 BayID in a range of 0~15. But to calculate the exact BayID, the user also needs to combine the sensor of this event.
  • If the sensor is NVMEs_AER_00-15, BayID = value of bit 4~7 in OEM data1 + 0*16

  • If the sensor is NVMEs_AER_16-31, BayID = value of bit 4~7 in OEM data1 + 1*16