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UEFI events organized by severity

The following table lists all UEFI events, organized by severity (Information, Error, and Warning).

Table 1. Events organized by severity
Event IDMessage StringSeverity
B0C6F0208The specified memory post package repair asserted.Informational
B0CEF040BThe specified memory UDI error deasserted.Informational
B126F0205This message is for the use case when an implementation has detected a **System Event** type asserted event.Informational
B076F080CThe specified processor correctable error asserted.Warning
B0C6F0800The specified memory correctable ecc asserted.Warning
B0C6F0804The specified memory device disabled asserted.Warning
B136F0807The specified PCIE device bus correctable error asserted.Warning
B1E6F0800This message is for the use case when an implementation has detected a System with No Bootable Media.Warning
B076F100BThe specified processor uncorrectable error asserted.Error
B0C6F1005The specified memory correctable ecc logging limit reached asserted.Error
B0C6F100BThe specified memory UDI error asserted.Error
B0C6F2001The specified memory uncorrectable ecc asserted.Error
B136F1004The specified PCIE device perr asserted.Error
B136F1008The specified PCIE device uncorrectable error asserted.Error
B136F2005The specified PCIE device serr asserted.Error
B136F200AThe specified PCIE device bus fatal error asserted.Error