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PCIe riser D cable routing

Follow the instructions in this section to learn how to do cable routing for the PCIe riser D.

  • When routing the cables, ensure that all cables are routed appropriately through the cable guides and cable clips.
  • A label on each signal cable indicates the connection source and destination. This information is in the format RY-X and P Z. Where Y indicates the PCIe riser number, X indicates the connector on the riser card, and Z indicates the connector on the system board assembly.
This configuration supports the following PCIe risers:
  • x8/x16/x16 PCIe G4 Riser D HHHL
  • x8/x16/x16 PCIe G5 Riser D HHHL
Figure 1. Cable routing for the PCIe riser D
Cable routing for the PCIe riser D
CableFromToCable lengthLabel
1PCIe riser D: R1 connectorSystem board assembly: P 1 connector500 mmRD-1
P 1
2PCIe riser D: R2 connectorSystem board assembly: P 2 connector420 mmRD-2
P 2
3PCIe riser D: R3 connectorSystem board assembly: P 14 connector500 mmRD-3
P 14
4PCIe riser D: Riser power connectorPower distribution board: PCIe riser D power connector100 mmN/A