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Rear view LEDs

The illustration in this section shows the LEDs on the rear the server.

Figure 1. Rear LEDs
LEDs on the rear of the server
Table 1. Power supply LEDs
1 Input status (AC) (green)
The input status LED can be in one of the following states:
  • Off: The power supply is not receiving the correct input power: either the power supply is not correctly connected to the power source, the power source is not outputting power, or the power source output does not meet the power supply input requirements (for example, a 1600-watt power supply will not run off of 120 vac input).

  • On: The power supply is receiving the correct input power and the power supply is operating normally.

2 Output status (DC) (green)
The output status LED can be in one of the following states:
  • Off: The server is powered off (not connected to input power), the power supply is not working correctly (Fault LED is on), or the system has overloaded the power supply (Fault LED is Off).

  • On: The server is connected to input power (server powered on or in standby) and the power supply is working normally.

3 Fault LED (yellow)
  • Off: The power supply is working correctly. If the Output status (DC) LED is also off and the system will not power on, the system is overloading the power supply.

  • On: The power supply has failed. Replace the power supply.

Table 2. Status LEDs
19 Power LED (green)

The states of the power LED are as follows:

  • Off: Power is not present or the power supply, or the LED itself has failed.
  • Flashing rapidly (4 times per second): The server is turned off and is not ready to be turned on. The power button is disabled. This will last approximately 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Flashing slowly (once per second): The server is turned off and is ready to be turned on. You can press the power button to turn on the server.
  • On: The server is turned on.
20 System ID LED (blue)

Use this blue LED to visually locate the server among other servers. You can use Lenovo XClarity Administrator to light this LED remotely.

21 System error LED (yellow)

When this yellow LED is lit, it indicates that a system error has occurred. A system-error LED is also on the front operator information panel. Messages on the LCD system information display panel and LEDs on other server components might also be lit to help isolate the error. This LED is controlled by the Lenovo XClarity Controller.

Table 3. Adapter LEDs
4 Riser 1 to 4 fault LED15 Adapter 15 fault LED
5 Adapter 1 fault LED16 Adapter 16 fault LED
6 Adapter 2 fault LED17 Adapter 17 fault LED
7 Adapter 3 fault LED18 Riser 16 through 17 fault LED
8 Adapter 4 fault LED22 3v fault (system battery) LED
9 Riser 10 to 15 fault LED23 I/O-board fault LED
10 Adapter 10 fault LED24 LOM adapter fault LED
11 Adapter 11 fault LED25 ML2 x16 network adapter fault LED
12 Adapter 12 fault LED26 Adapter 7 fault LED
13 Adapter 13 fault LED27 Adapter 6 fault LED
14 Adapter 14 fault LED28 Adapter 5 fault LED