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Planning data

Use this section to plan login parameters and network parameters for physical host and each controller virtual machine for later Nutanix implementation.

Locate service labels

The information on service labels are helpful for support technicians to identify your products and provide faster services. After receiving the product, peel the labels away and store them in a safe place.

  • The machine type and serial number are on the ID label of each product.

  • The BMC network access label is attached on the top side of the pull-out information tab.

Create and activate a Nutanix account

If you are new to Nutanix Support Portal, refer to the following steps to create and set up your Nutanix account.

  1. Go to and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account.

  2. One verification email will be sent to your email address, click the verification link upon receiving the email. The Nutanix Welcome page is displayed.

  3. Type the required information and click Log in.

  4. Locate the Support Portal card in the Support and Community area. Then, click Activate. The Activation required dialogue box is displayed.

  5. Specify the serial number of your product and click your account is well set up. See Locate service labels.

Acquire default credentials

Use the following table to plan for all required software.

SoftwareDefault user nameDefault password
Lenovo XClarity Controller(BMC)USERIDPASSW0RD
Prism Centraladminadmin
Hypervisor (ESXi & AHV)rootnutanix/4u
Hypervisor (Hyper-V)administratornutanix/4u

Plan the network

Use the following table to plan the network for your Nutanix implementation.

ThinkAgile HX Servers

 XCC IP addressXCC host nameHypervisor IP addressHypervisor host name
Node 1    
Node 2    
Node 3    
User ID/ PasswordUser ID:

USERID (Default)


PASSW0RD (Default)

User ID:

root (Default)


Virtual Machines (VMs)

 IPV4Host nameUser IDPassword
vCenter Server (for ESXi only)    
XClarity Administrator    


Default Gateway 

Virtual Network

 Physical AdaptersVMkernel Adapter
vSwitch 0  
vSwitch 1  
 VLAN NameVLAN IDVLAN PortgroupAssigned vSwitch
VMKernel Adapter Services vMotionProvisioningFT LoggingManagementvSphere ReplicationvSphere Replication NFC 
Adapter 1       
Adapter 2