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Deployment engagement

Use this section to understand the Lenovo professional service team engagement in the pre-deployment and post-deployment phases.

Lenovo professional service team performs a specific set of activities to help ensure proper deployment of ThinkAgile HX series products. Additional predeployment services are also available.

The onsite deployment and configuration activities that Lenovo professional will perform include the following:
  • Review the deployment worksheet that was completed during the predeployment engagement.

  • Verify that the customer network is ready.

  • Verify the as-shipped product configuration.

  • Connect the switches to the customer network.

  • Perform basic network configuration to integrate the rack into the customer environment.

  • Set up Lenovo XClarity Administrator management of the product.

  • Verify and update the product to the Best Recipe firmware profile.

  • Create credentials for BMC access.

  • Deploy Nutanix cluster.

  • Register the ThinkAgile HX series product with Nutanix.

  • Verify the product environment, to ensure a successful handover.

  • Provide a skill transfer to the customer. This includes basic operational tasks and Support processes.

Lenovo professional team will provide information about the configured system, for your records.

The following items are not in the scope of the initial deployment engagement. Many of these can be handled via other available professional service offerings.
  • Installation or configuration of server applications.

  • Complete administrative or operations training.

  • Data migration from existing storage systems and VMware environments.

  • Installation assistance for nonstandard hardware components or components not purchased from Lenovo. Note that this activity can affect the support for the product.