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ThinkAgile MX Best Recipes

A set of Lenovo ThinkAgile MX “Best Recipes” simplifies firmware and device driver compliance by publishing the latest set of WSSD HCI-certified firmware and driver versions that have been tested against a particular ThinkAgile MX solution. Each Best Recipe is based on the Lenovo server Machine Type (MT) of the node, which is a four-character alphanumeric identifier.

Current MTs for which a Best Recipe has been published include the following:

  • 7Z20: ThinkAgile MX Certified Node on SR650

  • 7D5R: ThinkAgile MX3520 Appliance on SR650

  • 7D1B/7D2U: ThinkAgile MX1021 on SE350

  • 7D5S: ThinkAgile MX1020 Appliance on SE350

  • 7D67: ThinkAgile MX3331 Certified Node on SR630 V2

  • 7D19: ThinkAgile MX3330 Appliance on SR630 V2

  • 7D66: ThinkAgile MX3531 Certified Node on SR650 V2

  • 7D6B: ThinkAgile MX3530 Appliance on SR650 V2

  • 7D6U: ThinkAgile MX630 V3 IS (Integrated System)

  • 7D6U: ThinkAgile MX630 V3 CN (Certified Node)

  • 7D6S: ThinkAgile MX650 V3 IS (Integrated System)

  • 7D6S: ThinkAgile MX650 V3 CN (Certified Node)

Best Recipes are named in the format “MXBRxxyy,” where “xx” is the two-digit year, and “yy” is the month in which the Best Recipe was released. For example, MXBR2301 is the ThinkAgile MX Best Recipe that was released in January 2023. For more information about a particular Best Recipe, refer to the links provided on the ThinkAgile MX Best Recipe Landing Page found at: