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Update the BMC switch using the CLI

The procedure describes how to update the Network Operating System on your ThinkAgile SXM Series BMC switch.

To update the BMC switch, follow these steps:
  1. Connect to the BMC switch using the serial console from the HLH.
  2. Sign in to the BMC switch using the credentials admin/<password>.
  3. Use the following commands to copy the new switch OS image file from the root of the USB thumb drive to the ‘image2’ slot on the BMC switch, and the new switch boot image file to the ‘boot’ slot on the BMC switch:
    configure terminal
    usbcopy fromusb <ImageFileName>_OS.imgs image2
    usbcopy fromusb <ImageFileName>_Boot.imgs boot
    Enter login username: admin
    Enter login password:
    BMC#configure terminal
    BMC(config)#usbcopy fromusb G8052- image2
    Switch to be booted with image1. (Y/N) : Y
    BMC(config)#usbcopy fromusb G8052- boot
  4. To set the switch to reboot using the new OS image loaded in the ‘image2’ slot and the matching boot image, and then verify this setting, run the following commands:
    boot image image2
    show boot

    BMC(config)#boot image image2
    BMC#show boot
    Current running image version: 8.4.8
    Currently set to boot software image2, active config block.
    NetBoot: disabled, NetBoot tftp server: , NetBoot cfgfile:
    Current boot Openflow protocol version: 1.0
    USB Boot: disabled
    Currently profile is default, set to boot with default profile next time.
    Current FLASH software:
    image1: version 8.4.8, downloaded 08:04:14 Fri Jan 19, 2018
    NormalPanel, Mode Stand-alone
    image2: version 8.4.11, downloaded 22:20:41 Thu Jan 18, 2018
    NormalPanel, Mode Stand-alone
    boot kernel: version 8.4.11
    bootloader : version 8.4.11
    Currently scheduled reboot time: none
  5. Before restarting the BMC switch to implement the changes, it is good practice to shut down all the ports on the switch. To shut down all ports on the BMC switch, run the following commands:
    configure terminal
    interface port 1-52
  6. Eject the USB thumb drive from the BMC switch and reboot it by entering the following commands:
    System usb-eject

    A warning is displayed since the current running configuration has all ports shut down, which is different from the current startup configuration. Enter y and press Enter to continue.

    Do NOT save the running configuration at this point or all ports will remain shut down after the switch is reloaded.
  7. Once the switch has come back online, sign in to the switch using the serial console.
  8. Remove the USB thumb drive from the BMC switch.
Refer to Verifying BMC switch functionality to ensure proper functionality of the updated BMC switch. Once verification is complete, the switch firmware update process is complete.