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info command

Use this command to display and configure information about the IMM.

Running the info command with no options displays all IMM location and contact information. The following table shows the arguments for the options.

Table 1. info command.

The following table is a multi-row three column table consisting of the options, option descriptions, and associated values for the options.

-nameIMM nameString
-contactName of IMM contact personString
-locationIMM locationString
-room1IMM room identifierString
-rack1IMM rack identifierString
-rup1Position of IMM in rackString
-ruhRack unit heightRead only
-bbayBlade bay locationRead only
  1. Value is read only and cannot be reset if the IMM resides in a Flex System.
info [options]
-name xcc_name
-contact contact_name
-location xcc_location
-room room_id
-rack rack_id
-rup rack_unit_position
-ruh rack_unit_height
-bbay blade_bay