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Lenovo Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) Management Platform is a management platform for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI). It is deeply integrated with ThinkAgile VX hardware management, VMware virtualization, and vSAN management, as well as related O\&M operations and other value-added services, providing users with one-stop and visualized management services. In addition, it allows IT administrators to centralize the monitoring, management, configuration, and analysis of hyper-converged environments and provides hardware maintainability and platform lifecycle management functions.

User interface of the management platform


"Lenovo Software Defined Infrastructure Management Platform" is hereinafter referred to as "Lenovo SDI Management Platform".

Centralized monitoring and management of resources

Lenovo SDI Management Platform provides a single interface for IT administrators to monitor and manage the infrastructure resources of Lenovo's hyper-converged systems in a centralized manner.

  • Summary view of the health status of managed resources. Managed resources include resource managers, hardware devices, and virtualized infrastructure resources (such as hosts, virtual machines, GPUs, storage, etc.).
  • Flexible 4K large screen. 4K HD resolution is supported. The usage and health status of physical and virtual resources in a cluster can be graphically displayed.
  • Detailed information about cluster resources, including the health status, inventory, and warranty status.
  • Monitoring of emergency alerts and events, with support for forwarding events to external applications.
  • Graphical server topology with front and rear panel views and hardware topology (including vSAN disks and power supplies).
  • Lifecycle management of managed resources, such as creation, cloning, migration, and power operations of virtual machines.
  • Support for launching the remote console of a device from the device summary page.

Integrated upgrade

Lenovo SDI Management Platform is integrated with vSphere Lifecycle Manager and supports integrated rolling upgrades of operating systems, drivers, and server firmware.

Backup and restore

Lenovo SDI Management Platform is integrated with Veeam Backup \& Replication and supports the backup and restore of virtual machines in a cluster.

Intelligent analysis

Lenovo SDI Management Platform collects and displays trend data, and provides analysis reports based on existing data.

GPU Virtualization for AI/ML

Lenovo SDI Management Platform is integrated with GPU virtualization management functions and supports GPU resource sharing among containers, physical machines, and virtual machines.

Personalized settings

Supports customized settings of the login page, homepage, and large-screen display page.

Hybrid cloud solution

Supports connection to Lenovo hybrid cloud management platforms, with IaaS for HCI resources.

Enterprise-level software features

Provides users with features such as permission management, multi-language support, online upgrades, authorization management, and log download.