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Activate/unlock the system and configure ThinkEdge security features

ThinkEdge SE350 V2 supports ThinkEdge unique security features. With the security features enabled, the system will enter System Lockdown Mode when tamper events occur, and encrypted data can not be accessed before the system is activated or unlocked. The status of ThinkEdge unique security features can be changed in Lenovo XClarity Controller.

If Lenovo XClarity Controller web interface of the server is different from the information in this section, update the firmware for the server.

Setup the security features

Complete the following steps to setup the security features:

  1. If the security LED of the server is blinking, the server is in System Lockdown Mode. Activate or unlock the system for operation. See Activate or unlock the system.

  2. Maintain backup of SED AK. See Manage the Self Encryption Drive Authentication Key (SED AK).

  3. Configure the security features in Lenovo XClarity Controller. See System Lockdown Mode to change the status of security features.

The following sections contain the procedure of configuring ThinkEdge security features in Lenovo XClarity Controller web interface. For more information, see ThinkEdge Security.

Customer's responsibility:

  • Keep the Secure Activation Code (provided in flyer).

  • To use ThinkShield Edge Mobile Management App, prepare proper USB cable for mobile phone if necessary.

  • Maintain backup of SED AK. See Manage the Self Encryption Drive Authentication Key (SED AK).

    • Set and remember the password of SED AK backup file to restore SED AK in the future.

  • Engage IT department so they can help to claim or activate device when required.

  • Confirm if the SE350 V2 system is claimed by your organization. If not, work with IT department to claim the device.

  • Confirm the wireless (network) connectivity is working. Service technician cannot help examine the network connection of the device.

  • Move SE350 V2 system to a safe working place for service.

  • Place SE350 V2 system back to the working place after service.