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Rear view

The rear of the server provides access to several components, including the power supplies and Ethernet port.

Rear view of ThinkEdge SE350 V2, DC power input

Figure 1. Rear view of ThinkEdge SE350 V2, DC power input
Rear view DC
Figure 2. Rear view of ThinkEdge SE350 V2, AC power input

Table 2. Components on the rear view, AC power input
1 RJ-45 RS-232 serial console connector3 PMB status LED
2 AC power input (3-pins 120V-240 VAC) 

Power connectors

Connect DC or AC power source directly or external power adapters to these connectors. Make sure the power cords are connected properly. For more information, see Install a power adapter.

RJ-45 RS-232 serial console connector without LED

Connect a external RJ-45 serial COMM console cable to this connector.

PMB status LED

For more information about this LED, see PMB status LED.

Threaded studs for grounding

Connect the grounding wires to these lugs.

Install I/O fillers

Install the I/O fillers when the connectors are not in use. The connectors could be damaged without proper protection of the fillers.

Figure 3. Rear I/O fillers

1 Power-connector filler (x2)2 RJ-45 filler (x1)