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Memory problems

See this section to resolve issues related to memory.

Displayed system memory is less than installed physical memory

Complete the following procedure to solve the problem.

Each time you install or remove a memory module, you must disconnect the server from the power source; then, wait 10 seconds before restarting the server.
  1. Make sure that:
    • No error LEDs are lit. See Troubleshooting by system LEDs.

    • No memory module error LEDs are lit on the system board (system board assembly).

    • Memory mirrored channel does not account for the discrepancy.

    • The memory modules are seated correctly.

    • You have installed the correct type of memory module (see Memory module installation rules and order for requirements).

    • After changing or replacing a memory module, memory configuration is updated accordingly in the Setup Utility.

    • All banks of memory are enabled. The server might have automatically disabled a memory bank when it detected a problem, or a memory bank might have been manually disabled.

    • There is no memory mismatch when the server is at the minimum memory configuration.

  2. Reseat the memory modules, and then restart the server.

  3. Check the POST error log:

    • If a memory module was disabled by a systems-management interrupt (SMI), replace the memory module.

    • If a memory module was disabled by the user or by POST, reseat the memory module; then, run the Setup Utility and enable the memory module.

  4. Re-enable all memory modules using the Setup Utility, and then restart the server.

  5. (Trained technician only) Replace the system board (system board assembly).

Invalid memory population detected

If this warning message appears, complete the following steps:
  • Invalid memory population (unsupported DIMM population) detected. Please verify memory configuration is valid.
  1. See Memory module installation rules and order to make sure the present memory module population sequence is supported.
  2. If the present sequence is indeed supported, see if any of the modules is displayed as “disabled” in Setup Utility.
  3. Reseat the module that is displayed as “disabled,” and reboot the system.
  4. If the problem persists, replace the memory module.