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System-board connectors

See this topic to identify the connectors on the system board.

Figure 1. System board connectors

Table 1. System board connectors
1Fan connectors (6 to 1)14SATA connector (0 to 3)
2Drive power connector 215SATA connector (4 to 7)
3Drive power connector 116DIMM slot 1 to 5
4GPU power connector 217Processor socket
5GPU power connector 118DIMM slot 6 to 10
6Intrusion switch connector19Serial port module connector
7Power backplane side band connector20(Reserved)
8Power backplane power connector21Top cover/Wall-mount LED cable connector
9PCIe connector 222PCIe connector 6 (Riser 1)
10CMOS battery (3V, CR3032) slots23OCP 3.0 Ethernet adapter connector
11PCIe connector 1 (Riser 2)24PCIe connector 3
12M.2 power connector25PCIe connector 4
13M.2 signal connector26PCIe connector 5