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System Lockdown Mode

See this topic to learn about System Lockdown Mode and related features in Lenovo XClarity Controller.

When System Lockdown Mode is active, the system can not be booted up, and the access to SED AK is not allowed.

Log in to Lenovo XClarity Controller web interface, and go to BMC Configuration > Security > System Lockdown Mode to configure the security features.

When the System Lockdown Mode Control status on the home page of Lenovo XClarity Controller web interface is XClarity Controller, the status of System Lockdown Mode can be changed in XCC. See Activate or unlock the system for more information.

Chassis Intrusion Detection

When Chassis Intrusion Detection is Enabled, the system detects physical movements of the top cover. If the top cover is opened unexpectedly, the system enters System Lockdown Mode automatically.