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Install a PCIe adapter on the system board

Use this information to install a PCIe adapter on the system board.

Before you install a PCIe adapter on the riser assembly, touch the static-protective package that contains the new PCIe adapter to any unpainted surface on the outside of the server. Then, take the new PCIe adapter out of the package.

  • Depending on the specific type, your PCIe adapter might look different from the illustration in this topic.

  • Use any documentation that comes with the PCIe adapter and follow those instructions in addition to the instructions in this topic.

To install a PCIe adapter on the system board, complete the following steps:

Watch the procedure

A video of this procedure is available at YouTube.

  1. Locate the PCIe slot 4. If the slot is covered with a slot bracket, open the retention latch and remove the slot bracket from the chassis. Store the bracket for future use.
  2. If the new PCIe adapter is installed with a full-height bracket, replace the full-height bracket with the low-profile bracket by doing the following:
    1. Carefully remove the screws that secure the PCIe adapter and then remove the full-height bracket from the PCIe adapter.
    2. Note the orientation and align the screw holes in the low-profile bracket with the corresponding holes in the PCIe adapter. Then, install the screws to secure the bracket to the PCIe adapter.
  3. Position the PCIe adapter near the PCIe slot. Then, carefully press the PCIe adapter straight into the slot until it is securely seated and its bracket also is secured by the chassis.
    Figure 1. Installing a PCIe adapter on the system board
    Installing the PCIe adapter to the system board

  4. Pivot the PCIe adapter retention latch to the closed position to secure the PCIe adapter in position.
  5. Depending on the type of the PCIe adapter, you might need to connect any required cables. Refer to the documentation that comes with the PCIe adapter for specific information.