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B0C6F0800 : The specified memory correctable ecc asserted.

The specified memory correctable ecc asserted.

Correctable Memory Error



User Action

Complete the following steps:

  1. If the server has recently been installed, moved, serviced, or upgraded, check whether the DIMM is properly seated and check visually whether there is any foreign material in any DIMM connector on that memory channel. If yes, reseat the DIMM or clean the foreign material in that DIMM channel.
  2. Reinstall or swap DIMMs to check whether the issue can be resolved.
  3. Verify that the memory is a valid option that is listed as a Server Proven device for this system. If a non-supported memory is identified, remove that memory or replace it with a supported memory.
  4. Check the maintenance manual to see whether memory module installation rules are followed.
  5. Check the Lenovo support Web site for an applicable service bulletin or firmware update that applies to this memory error.
  6. If the problem recurs on the same DIMM connector, inspect the connector for any damage.
  7. If the problem persists, collect service data log from the BMC Web interface and contact Lenovo Support (