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Set network connection for the BMC

You can use the Lenovo ThinkSystem System Manager (TSM), a Web-based interface, to access the baseboard management controller (BMC) over your network. Before you access the BMC, you need to specify how the BMC will connect to the network.

Obtaining the IP address for the BMC

By default, the BMC will automatically search the DHCP server on the network to obtain an assigned IP address. Since there is no dedicated static IPv4 address, it is strongly recommended that you set a static IP address by using Setup Utility:
  1. Start the server. When you see <F1> System Setup, press F1 to open Setup Utility.

  2. Go to Server Mgmt > BMC network configuration. Specify a static IP address for the BMC.

To view the IP address, do the following steps:
  1. Connect an Ethernet cable from the network to the BMC management Ethernet connector. If the management connector is unavailable, you can connect the server to the network through one of the Ethernet connectors on the OCP 3.0 Ethernet adapter. For the location of the two types of connectors, see Rear view.

  2. Attach a monitor to the server.

  3. Power on the server. The BMC IP address is displayed on the welcome page.

Logging into Lenovo ThinkSystem System Manager

After acquiring BMC IP address, you can log in to the Lenovo ThinkSystem System Manager over your network to manage BMC.

To log in to the Lenovo ThinkSystem System Manager:
  1. Enter the BMC IP address in the Web browser. The login page is displayed.
    TSM is accessible through standard Web browsers with HTTPS. For secure connection, TSM only supports HTTPS access. For example, enter https://BMC IP address in the Web browser.
  2. On the login page, select the language, and enter the user name and password. The default user name and password for TSM are:
    • User name: USERID

    • Password: PASSW0RD (with a zero, not the letter O)


    The default password must be changed during your initial login.

For detailed information on Lenovo ThinkSystem System Manager, see Lenovo ThinkSystem System Manager User Guide.