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8 x 2.5-inch front drive bays (NVMe)

This section provides cable routing information for the server model with eight 2.5-inch front drive bays.

The AnyBay backplane (BP 1) is used as a pure NVMe backplane.
ConfigurationStorage controller
Config. 1  
Config. 21NVMe retimer

Configuration 1 – 2:

BP1: 8 x 2.5'' NVMe BP

Config.Front BPSystem boardStorage controller
NVMe retimer
1BP1:NVMe 0–1PCIe 1, PCIe 2 
BP1: NVMe 2–3PCIe 3 
BP1: NVMe 4–5PCIe 7 
BP1: NVMe 6–7PCIe 8 
2BP1:NVMe 0–1PCIe 1, PCIe 2
BP1: NVMe 2–3PCIe 3
BP 1: NVMe 4–5, NVMe 6–7C0, C1


Figure 1. Configuration 2