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Rear view

The rear of the server provides access to several connectors and components.

Figure 1. Rear view of server
Rear view of server
Table 1. Components on the rear of the server
1 Drive cage thumbscrews2 Hot-swap hard drives
3 Hot-swap power supplies4 Serial port
Figure 2. Numbering of hard drives and power supplies
Rear view of server

1 Drive cage thumbscrews

Use these thumbscrews to secure the drive cage to the server chassis.

2 Hot-swap hard drives

You can install up to eight hot-swap hard drives. The hard drive bays are numbered from 0 to 7 (and labeled). See Figure 2.

3 Hot-swap power supplies

You must install two hot-swap power supplies. Power supplies are numbered 1 and 2. See Figure 2.

4 Serial port

Use the serial port to connect to the host system serial interface.front