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Install a power supply unit

Follow instructions in this section to install a power supply unit.

About this task

  • Read Installation Guidelines and Safety inspection checklist to ensure that you work safely.
  • Touch the static-protective package that contains the component to any unpainted metal surface on the server; then, remove it from the package and place it on a static-protective surface.
During normal operation, each power supply bay must contain either a power supply unit or a power supply filler for proper cooling.
Figure 1. Power supply bay numbering
Power supply bay numbering
Firmware and driver download: You might need to update the firmware or driver after replacing a component.


  1. If a power supply filler is installed in the bay, pull the filler out of the bay.
  2. Make sure the label on the power supply is facing up; then, grasp the handle and slide it into the power supply bay until it clicks into place.
    Figure 2. Power supply unit installation
    Power supply unit installation
  3. Connect the power supply unit to a properly grounded electrical socket with a power cord.
  4. Make sure that the AC power LED on the power supply unit is lit, indicating that the power supply unit is operating correctly.

After you finish

Check the PSU LEDs to verify that the PSU is operating correctly. See Power supply LEDs on the Rear view.

Demo video

Watch the procedure on YouTube