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Processor and heat sink replacement (trained technician only)

Follow instructions in this section to remove and install a processor and a heat sink.

  • This task must be operated by trained technicians that are certified by Lenovo Service. Do not attempt to remove or install the part without proper training and qualification.
  • (Lenovo service technicians only) Before replacing a processor, check the current PSB fuse policy. See Service process before replacement at Service process for updating PSB fuse state.
  • (Lenovo service technicians only) After replacing a processor, ensure that the processor fuse status is expected without unexpected XCC event logs. See Service process after replacing a processor at Service process for updating PSB fuse state.
  • Before reusing a processor or heat sink, make sure you use Lenovo proven alcohol cleaning pad and thermal grease.
  • Each processor socket must always contain a cover or a processor. When replacing a processor, protect the empty processor socket with a cover.
  • Do not touch the processor socket or processor contacts. Processor-socket contacts are very fragile and easily damaged. Contaminants on the processor contacts, such as oil from your skin, can cause connection failures.
  • Do not allow the thermal grease on the processor or heat sink to come in contact with anything. Contact with any surface can compromise the thermal grease, rendering it ineffective. Thermal grease can damage components, such as the electrical connectors in the processor socket.
The following illustration shows the components of the processor and heat sink.
Figure 1. Processor and heat sink components
Processor and heat sink components
1 Captive screws (6)7 Processor contacts
2 Processor identification label8 Processor triangular mark
3 Heat sink triangular mark9 Processor carrier
4 Heat sink10 Carrier triangular mark
5 Screw bolts (6)11 Processor heat spreader
6 Retention frame triangular mark12 Thermal grease