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Disassemble the system board assembly for recycle

Follow the instructions in this section to disassemble the system board assembly before recycling.

About this task

Before disassembling the system board assembly:

  1. Remove the firmware and RoT security module from the system I/O board. See Remove the firmware and RoT security module.

  2. Separate the system I/O board from the processor board.
    To prevent the contact of the system I/O board from damage, pinch and lift the plunger on the system I/O board upward a little and pull out the system I/O board outward. During the entire pulling action, ensure that the system I/O board remains as horizontal as possible.
    Figure 1. Separating the system I/O board from the processor board
    Separating the system I/O board from the processor board

    1. Remove the four screws that secure the system I/O board.

    2. Lift and hold the rear plunger; then, slide the system I/O board towards the rear end of the chassis to disengage it from the processor board.

  3. Refer to local environmental, waste or disposal regulations to ensure compliance.


  1. Remove the following components as illustrated:
    • Five guide pins (with 7mm wrench)

    • Two low-profile screws (with PH2 screwdriver)

    • One plunger (with PH2 screwdriver)

    • Two cable guides

    Figure 2. Component removal

    Component removal
  2. Remove the following screws as illustrated:
    • Four low-profile screws (with PH2 screwdriver)

    • Ten slotted screws (with PH1 screwdriver)

    Figure 3. Screw removal

    Screw removal
  3. Separate the system board from the supporting sheet metal.
    Figure 4. Processor board disassembly
    Processor board disassembly

After you finish

After disassembling the system board assembly, recycle the unit in compliance with local regulations.