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Optional-device problems

Table 1. Optional-device problems and actions.

The optional device problems and actions table with one level of row and column headers.

A Lenovo optional device that was installed does not work.
  1. Make sure that:
    • The device is designed for the server. Go to: the Lenovo ServerProven website
    • You followed the installation instructions that came with the device and the device is installed correctly.
    • You have not loosened any other installed devices or cables.
    • You updated the configuration information in the Setup Utility. Whenever memory or any other device is changed, you must update the configuration.
  2. Reset the device that you installed.
  3. Replace the device that you installed.
A Lenovo optional device that worked previously does not work now.
  1. Make sure that all of the cable connections for the device are secure.
  2. If the device comes with test instructions, use those instructions to test the device.
  3. Reseat the failing device.
  4. Replace the failing device.