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806f040c-2005xxxx : [PhysicalMemoryElementName] Disabled on Subsystem [MemoryElementName]. (DIMM 5)

[PhysicalMemoryElementName] Disabled on Subsystem [MemoryElementName]. (DIMM 5)

This message is for the use case when an implementation has detected that Memory has been Disabled.

May also be shown as 806f040c2005xxxx or 0x806f040c2005xxxx



Alert Category

System - Other



CIM Information


and ID:0131

Automatically Notify Support


User Response

1. Make sure the DIMM is installed correctly. 2. If the DIMM was disabled because of a memory fault (memory uncorrectable error or memory logging limit reached), follow the suggested actions for that error event and restart the server. 3. Check the IBM support website for an applicable retain tip or firmware update that applies to this memory event. If no memory fault is recorded in the logs and no DIMM connector error LED is lit, you can re-enable the DIMM through the Setup utility or the Advanced Settings Utility (ASU).