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Install the cable management arm

Use this information to install the cable management arm.

ThinkSystem D2 Cable Management Arm contains the following items.

The illustration in this document might differ slightly from your hardware.
Figure 1. Cable management arm box contents
Cable management arm box contents
  • One cable management arm

    • Two velcro straps (pre-attached)

    • One long velcro strap (used for shipping with a rack only)

    • Seven cable baskets (pre-attached)

    • Three slide mounting clips

  • Installation guide

To install the cable management arm, complete the following steps.

Figure 2. Cable management arm installation
Cable management arm installation

  1. Make sure the enclosure is pushed fully into the rack and the thumbscrews are tightened.
  2. Align the inner mounting clip with the inner tab on the slide, then, push it until it snaps into place.
  3. Align two outer mounting clips with the outer tabs on the slides; then, push them until they snap into place.