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Memory module installation rules and order

Memory modules must be installed in a specific order based on the memory configuration implement in the server and the number of processors and memory modules installed in the server.

Supported memory types

For information on the types of memory module supported by this server, see Memory section in Technical Specifications.

Information about optimizing memory performance and configuring memory is available at the Lenovo Press website:

Memory - Lenovo Press

In addition, you can take advantage of a memory configurator, which is available at the following site:

Lenovo Enterprise Solutions Configurator (Memory Configurations)

Shown below is the specific information about the installation rules and order of memory modules required in ThinkEdge SE350 V2 based on the system configuration and memory mode.

Layout of the processor and memory module connectors

Figure 1. Layout of the processor and memory module connectors
Memory module and processor location

Memory module installation guideline

  • ThinkEdge SE350 V2 supports the following memory configurations and population sequences:
  • A label on each DIMM identifies the DIMM type. This information is in the format xxxxx nRxxx PC4-xxxxx-xx-xx-xxx,where n indicates if the DIMM is single-rank (n=1) or dual-rank (n=2).

  • When a DIMM is replaced, the server provides automatic DIMM enablement capability without requiring you to use the Setup Utility to enable the new DIMM manually.

  • Mixing DIMMs of different capacities with same configuration is allowed but not recommended. For example, 16GB 2Rx8 DIMMs can be mixed with 32GB 2Rx8 DIMMs, or 32GB 2Rx4 DIMMs with 64GB 2Rx4 DIMMs.

  • Mixing DIMMs of different types (x4/x8) is NOT supported. Each DIMM type is mutually exclusive in ThinkEdge SE350 V2.