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Install the OCP Ethernet adapter

See this topic to learn how to install the OCP Ethernet adapter.

About this task

Before adding a new OCP Ethernet adapter to the server, make sure the present Riser 1 adapter configuration is x16 or x16/x8, so that PCIe 4 and 5 slots on the system board are available for the OCP cable.


  1. If the OCP cable has not been installed, complete the following steps:
    1. If necessary, remove the screw that secures the OCP filler; then, remove the filler.
      Figure 1. Removing the OCP filler

      There are two types of OCP filler. The one is secured with a screw, while the other is not.
    2. Remove PCIe riser 1 if applicable (see Remove the PCIe riser assemblies and adapters).
    3. Align the pointed ends of two triangles on the OCP cable and OCP cage, and secure the cable with two screws.
      Figure 2. Installing the OCP cable

    4. Connect the OCP cable to the system board. Make sure to contain the cable with the clip as illustrated.
      Figure 3. Cable routing for the OCP 3.0 Ethernet adapter

      Table 1. Cable routing for the OCP 3.0 adapter
      1OCP 3.0 Ethernet adapterPCIe connector 4
      2PCIe connector 5
      3OCP connector
  2. Slide the OCP Ethernet adapter into the chassis, and tighten the captive screw to secure the adapter.
    Figure 4. Installing the OCP Ethernet adapter

  3. Connect Ethernet cables to the OCP Ethernet adapter.

After this task is completed

Proceed to complete the parts replacement (see Complete the parts replacement).

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